What we believe.

Our Mission: To bring people together through encouragement and inspire people to show kindness to others.

Our Vision: Spread hope and unity across the globe.

Our Core Values: Kindness, Community & Hope

Company Description: Encouragemintz provides a tool to connect, uplift and unite people. We create shareable products that spread inspiring messages. When the world needs a breath of fresh air, we help by spreading kindness and giving back.


  • Hi Nancy, thank you for commenting. We do plan to expand our products and offerings in the future. Stay tuned for updates as we expand. Thank you for the interest.

  • Hey Lauren, I love your vision, mission, and core values…are you going to add more products to your line? I was wondering if you’re adding gum, chocolates, or any other candy! We should get together sometime soon! Nancy

    Nancy Banerjee

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