Meet the Creator.

Lauren enjoys being led by faith and believes in following promptings, even when they don't make sense. Regardless of the circumstances, the risks and the unknowns, she was trusting that things would work out and they did. It's beautiful to see how Lauren's passion for people, encouragement, and entrepreneurship have merged together to create this brand.  Her desire is to see these products spread around the globe.  There is too much division in the world and she hopes Encouragemintz will be a tool to connect and unite people, one smile and kind gesture at a time. 

Want the long version?!?  Keep Reading.

Lauren Huntington grew up in a military family which took her around the globe and country. Her diverse experiences gave her a passion for adventure and a love for people. She is known to make friends everywhere she goes. When she was in high school, she walked the halls passing out jolly ranchers, and told people to "have a jolly day!" Yes- this is real and if you know Lauren, this makes perfect sense. Lauren loves to uplift & encourage people, she always has and she always will. Her positive and enthusiastic nature is hard to miss and it's bold, but it is the very thing that draws people in. Lauren finds joy helping others believe in themselves. She encourages people to pursue their goals and dreams passionately, to take risks, enjoy the journey, and never give up. 

Lauren graduated from the University of Washington and started a career in human resources. While Lauren thrived in the corporate and non profit environment, she quickly discovered her passion for entrepreneurship. In July of 2015 Lauren left her job to run her first business full time. In 2017, she felt prompted to lay down her business, this was quite a surprise because her business was successful and she led a large team. After praying about it Lauren decided to step out in faith and she closed her business in 2018. It was a difficult decision because Lauren has a heart to give and her first business allowed her to support people and charities that were close to her heart.  She gave primarily from her business, so when she closed those doors, she had to make adjustments to her regular giving. This was the hardest part of her decision to lay her business down, it wrecked her, so she prayed for an idea. She prayed that she could find a way to bless others again.  A few weeks went by and she had NOTHING, but then on March 30th 2018, on Good Friday, she got the idea for Encouragemintz. There are quite a few details that make this journey a colorful experience, but the important part is that the idea for Encouragemintz is here. And now the fun begins!! 

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